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Mar. 16th, 2010 10:59 pm
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The first rule of [community profile] seedclub is...

Seed Club is a (not exclusively) London-centric community for a group of friends (and friends of friends) to post about, organise and swap seeds/plants/gardening/gardening tips and green-fingered things in general.

Please don't request to join this community unless you already have (ideally real-life) friends here.

One of the main aims of the community is to organise meets, hence we have decided to make all posts members only.
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I have got quite a lot of seeds and though I want some of all of them I have far more then I need of the following. They are mostly Thompson and Morgan as they have a thing for giving you far too many seeds so assume that unless otherwise stated. Number indicates total number of seeds in packet to give you an idea of amounts. I'll put any requested in separate envelopes/similar and am happy to send them in the UK is desired:

For eating:
Garlic Chives (From grandmother's garden) lots
Mint 1250
Pak-choi, Green F1 Hybrid 150
Mange tout, Duchy Originals :150
Cutting Celery, for cutting at about 20cm for summer salad etc. 1000
Basil 400
Dill 200
Broccoli Purple sprouting. Pennard Plants. Decided to big for my veg bed.
Beetroot Boro f1 hybrid 200
Onion Feast F1 hybrid (spring onion)
Parsley Laura 750
Parsnip Tender and true 550
Parship Excalibur F1 Hybrid, for eating when young 300

Not for eating:
Laurentia 'Avant-garde blue' Kew 50
Campanula pyramidalis Mixed (v. tall and rather lovely). 700
Cosmos gazebo mixed 100
Wild Flower Sweet rocket (it's purple and looks wallflower esk)500
Sweet Pea: Blue Ripple, Lavender Flush and Night and day. Max 10 of these
Ipomea/Morning glory: Heavenly Blue (Chase garden seeds)
Scarlett Morning glory, grandmother's
Dianthus Superbus 'crimsoniana' 200
Catmint 225

There are probably more but that seemed a good start. Anyone interested. Comments screened in case you want to leave contact details etc.


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